under it all

i peel through layers of flesh of blood to the very last cell of my very hopeful being.
i run my fingers along your skin and think i’d like to try it on you, too.

escape with me
let’s run free along coastlines made of wildflowers.
through mountains scattered in snow.
in sunshine or sun showers on sundays,
through rainbows.
you’ll be my pot of gold. and i promise, i’ll hold tight to the greatest treasure i’ll ever have, so gently and so safe.

feel my heartbeat when your eyes meet mine. feel me dissolve in you and become so intertwined
there’s no detangling this beautiful mess.
so we’ll revel in the rest
waiting to be tied in double knots
a million times over again.

you’ll become my everything.
my reason.
my breath.
my saving grace.
i’ll pull you apart, and fill your cracks with me. your love. my love.

no heavens no dreams no imagination. i’ll find you, all flesh and blood. you’ll make me see, you’ll make it feel like make-believe, you’ll make me want this us, this we. as we fall so madly, irrevocably, so hungrily in love.

stop start

i wonder when that song will stop reminding me of you. i wonder when the words will do nothing to my heart, when it will be just another song and i’ll sing along like it never made me feel like this. i wonder if the day will come when floods of memories and what-ifs and all these wonderings stop wandering through my imagination as soon as i hear it play.

and i wonder
if you 
ever wonder
it too.


i want the fairytale. i want the consistency of emotion, the growing and brewing of something as it strengthens and changes and pumps the blood through the veins of what holds me together. 

say stay. say go. it’s not too hard. it’s life and it’s love and it’s crazy. but it’s real and should be nurtured and fostered.

not broken for scraps. 

[we stood against the world and the chances drowned your hopefulness.] 

[i thought i knew better.]

i want the fairytale. i want the idealism. the emotion. i want the pain, the heartache, the tears and the breaking and repairing the tearing. so che sarà, sarà – it’s not yet midnight in the dance of my heart. there is so much moonlight left for my once upon a time.

light street

i saw someone who looked like you

my heart, 
it skipped a beat. 

[oh to hope!]

it wasn’t you
the street. 

see, this is what you do

it smells like rain outside.

my mind is too fucking full, my heart is too fucking full. there is too much of me that wants too much of you. and i’ll never know it if all i can tell you is it smells like rain outside. 

how was your day, how was your pb and j, how was anything and everything – tell me your fucking life story.