take this fear and throw it on the fire of my imagination. i’ll watch it burn and turn to embers. i’ll watch it become ash. it’s settled on my skin, just heavy enough to notice, just light enough for the wind to take it with its breath as i finally let it go.

we’re all scared. life is daunting and overwhelming. life is unexpected and unrelenting. so what do we do with the fear when it rises and bubbles? how do we pull it from all the places it doesn’t belong and let it be only a reminder of the courage and freedom that it perpetuates deep within us every second of every day?

we live.

we do the things we long to do, the things that burn holes in our desire. that change us and open our minds in no way we thought possible. we learn. we discover. we chase our loves and bare our souls to this crazy, beautiful world. we say yes, with wholeheartedness, to everything good and kind.

we love.

we take the chances our ego warns us of. we pull ourselves out and over the edge and we fall into the love all around us, within us, smiling and screaming with joy and hopefulness, as we find our wings and fly. surrender to your life and everything you want so deeply, wholly, surely. 

be fearless, be brave. let love be life and life be love.


we speak about philosophy, creativity, muses, love and life. the same path giving us the same feelings on topics usually so misunderstood. 

kindred spirits always find each other in the chaos, somehow. we are driven together, like two great magnets. the intensity of those universal forces making better plans for us than we could have ever made ourselves.

‘we’re connected and we’re disconnected,’ he said, as we walked between the trees, in the breeze, so drunk on island air.

oh this world is too small and too big all at the same time.

“not all those who wander are lost.”

i’m about to lose myself. in 99 sleeps, to be precise [but hey, who’s counting?]

i’m about to let go of everything i know, and dive – heart first – into a sea of newness, freshness, firsts. every day will smell and feel different to the last, every day will be like the best sunday there ever was.

it will be courage that makes me want to come back and leave the adventure behind.

travel is the pump of my life. it forces me to take risks, push my limits, find myself, trust myself. i’m ready to feel it all again, and more. to know that everything will work out as it should – because it is how it is. to know that life has an incredible way of presenting you with a million paths – all right, all possible. all exciting.

i’ll lose myself to the feeling of the gravel beneath my feet in budapest; the smell of the air at dusk in bordeaux; the sound of the water beating at the boats in venice. london. paris. rome. frankfurt. and everything in between.

i can imagine it, i dream about it, i feel the incredible rush of the aloneness. from the first sunrise to the last sunset. it will be mine.


cut from the same cloth, us two. i’ll miss him when he leaves – for that enormous world of unending possibilities. but life doesn’t change when you’re on the same path – here or there. anywhere.

hearts and momentum, of time as it should be. moving with us, with our step, with the pace of our souls. we’re all intertwined by fate. that invisible red thread, tugging at our heartbeat, our wrists and ankles – tying us to each other, our neighbours and our friends, and strangers down the street. it’s a never ending race track of dreams one step ahead.

you’re certainly catching yours, my friend.

out here.

i’m sitting alone, at a place i’ve never been. the absolute point of adventure sundays. and all i want to do is write.

a bird calls nearby.

there’s a sense of freedom about it. an undeniable feeling of being completely aware of everything around me. like it’s pulling me into a different frame of mind. something i didn’t know i wanted or felt or even knew i could feel until now. until this moment.

my tummy is queasy and the skin on my bare legs tingles with the burn of the sun. cooled by the wind, for a second at least. my eyes are sore and i’m horrendously tired but it’s still just me, alone. in a place i’ve never been.

thinking about everything. and thinking about nothing.

this world is so familiar.

my head in the clouds.

i walked alone.


i couldn’t really find a bit inside me to believe where i was. i had to stop and breathe and take it all in. i had to stop to find the pulse of the moment staring me right in the eye. i moved forward, onward, away from the past. i moved into the clouds. walking and running and scuffing my shoes on rocks in all directions. holding myself back as i tried, with all my strength, to stay upright, walking downhill. the steepness burning my knees.

i was watching my feet. watching each step. forgetting that i needed, i wanted, to watch the world too.

i stopped at a lookout. fog blocked my view. and when i stood still, the trees in the distance and the clouds right in front of me came zooming down both sides of my vision. a tunnel of movement, the world coming for me. pulling me in. it was so strange. surreal. intense. 

and when nothing stopped moving and i finally caught my balance, i took a breath, smiled to myself and let out a little chuckle. 

life is so wonderful.

making memories

it’s pretty much over. well, for now. i’m not searching anymore, not looking for something huge to take me over, not feeling emptied by the exhausting moments of regular days and routine and wake, do, sleep, repeat. 

i’m back in australia. i’m back and i’m glad. i feel fulfilled. overflowing, perhaps. i did everything i wanted, i did it well and now it’s done, it’s pretty much over, for now. no regrets. no second guesses. nothing i could have, should have, would have done better, given my time over. the usa has been my teacher in a life otherwise lacking any worldy experience, literally and in wisdom.

i thank you, america.

i grew. i exploded. i stood on the world, in each little space i took up, and felt the cold, hot, snow, sun, sand, concrete, sounds, tastes, soak into my skin. into me. saturating me with things i thought would be dreams, for a while yet at least. and all the while, my body buzzed with emotions new and old, all of which took me by surprise. humbled, i discovered.