why does it always rain on sunday?

there’s something inside you, bigger than this entire world. a deep and intense spirit, waiting, growing, longing for love.

so do you choose fear, or do you choose love? why not live with both in a manifestation of absolute completeness. a true and intense devotion to the universe and all its magic. to all the terror and the trauma and the tremendous battles we face every day.

find fear, but find love in it. give flight to your soul but keep your dreams always within your heart. and dream for a better life, a better world. dream for humanity.


today the clouds cry heavily with rain. we stay hidden in the normalcy, under this blanket of grey and wet. 

within me

today filled my spirit with a love i’ve never known. today filled my body with an energy born of selflessness, patience and kindness. as i breathed deeply into every corner of my soul, i found love. with every word i ate, as i removed every doubt. with every sign and every direction i was pointed in. whichever way i went, i found love.

it’s hiding, it’s seeping. it’s taking me over.