dream on

and how i long for that simplicity, for you to feel what i feel and realise that this isn’t happenstance, that this isn’t crazy or strange or unusual in any way. that this is what it is because we make it like it is, because we say yes or we say no or stop or go or change this way that way up down stay leave travel job money child puppy partnership priorities house home
higher stiller clearer
more less and or forever never

bind your soul to the edges of my own. and feel what i feel, it won’t take you long.

feel the rumbles and the softness of the change you can rely on. feel the pain and the hurt of the moments that don’t quite go your way. feel it all how it all should be felt, let it go and leave the rest to fate. wish upon that first bright star and find your dreams come true in explosive moments so surreal and momentary. and they’ll all become part of your very perfect future so very perfectly out of your very perfect control. and you’ll surrender to the causality, to the uncontrollable notion that nothing and everything will go to plan. and that no plan [and every plan and even every unknown plan] is, in its entirety,

steep your dreams in permanence. brew ideas from the deepest crevasse of your imagination. live your own incredible, immaculate life. and build it from the wishes of everything your brave beautiful beating heart desires.

that’s magic

there’s a restorative power buried deep in the earth on this island. it seeps through the grass into the plants and the trees, to ease the slightest feelings of uncertainty
and fear.

i felt it again, just this morning, it came rustling through as the wind in the trees while i sat in a room between the mountain and the sea, my mind tracing along the curve between yin and yang. the rain came before the sun shone and i basked in the brilliance of a bending moment. a moment that lasted longer than i’d ever dare to ask it to, that came and went so gentle and slow.

i’m back. in a home, in a place i know. and i’m looking for more as i always do. and i’m looking to settle as i never do.

i’m looking as always
i’m settling as never.

i once
was lost.

but now i find myself on the edge of a world i just started to get to know. one that seems so big when i feel so small and so small when i’m here, on this island, and i meet people who know people or know something my heart desperately needed to know.

hawaii pulls us together, brings us back and into ourselves. so just as the cycle will always continue, i will find myself on the inside of this very energy.


because that’s all there is.