the sun is shining

give me two minutes?

that’s all, i ask. two minutes to tell you everything i can!

it’s nothing like i could have imagined. it’s better, times a trillion.

there’s something to be said, for exploring with your best friend – in a city you’ve never known, but one that feels like home.

i can’t explain just what i think, but i hope you understand. it’s london and the sun is shining and it feels so much like home.

slumber party.

i’ve woken up in london. i’m hearing birds chirp in english accents outside my window.

it’s not a dream.


it’s london, london, london!


my heart races to the sound of voices in the background, mumbling into one, a word standing out here and there.

but my heart races. that’s the point.

it’s in the air, it’s on my skin – it’s tears stinging at the backs of my eyes. excitement, extreme excitement…

i’ve missed you, terribly.

sunrises, sunsets, europe.

one week, one day

is exactly how far away it is.

nearly to the hour.

i’ll be flying to europe. i’ll be falling in love. with everything. i’ll be overwhelmed by joy, like i’ve never known before, in every place i go.

spreading my wings.

taking a 


of faith. of adventure. of every moment in time spent listening, feeling, seeing, remembering, devouring, exploring, touching, loving.


i’ll fall head
for all the newness. places, people, landscapes, views, sunsets so familiar – i swear i’ve seen you before.

[in my dreams is where.] 

brush my heart with travel and i’m sure i’ll live forever.

“not all those who wander are lost.”

i’m about to lose myself. in 99 sleeps, to be precise [but hey, who’s counting?]

i’m about to let go of everything i know, and dive – heart first – into a sea of newness, freshness, firsts. every day will smell and feel different to the last, every day will be like the best sunday there ever was.

it will be courage that makes me want to come back and leave the adventure behind.

travel is the pump of my life. it forces me to take risks, push my limits, find myself, trust myself. i’m ready to feel it all again, and more. to know that everything will work out as it should – because it is how it is. to know that life has an incredible way of presenting you with a million paths – all right, all possible. all exciting.

i’ll lose myself to the feeling of the gravel beneath my feet in budapest; the smell of the air at dusk in bordeaux; the sound of the water beating at the boats in venice. london. paris. rome. frankfurt. and everything in between.

i can imagine it, i dream about it, i feel the incredible rush of the aloneness. from the first sunrise to the last sunset. it will be mine.