let’s travel the world, you and i.

set your watch to the sun
and the

travel with an open heart, mind, soul and spirit. and open your eyes.

listen closely.

find your way by space and energy. stop and breathe, and remember what it’s all about.

be a child of the universe.
be anonymous, be discoverable.
be organically you.

become lost. and find yourself in it all.

find love.
in everything.

in every murmur of this wild, wonderful world.

just find love.


when do you start following the signs? listening to all the movements of the universe?

its whispers have turned into screams.


life is so short.

fight or flight.

the universe is testing me. i know it is. it has been for a little bit now.

sometimes i think things have come a little easy for me. to me. falling into my lap. last year started a long haul toward a goal that began to seem out of reach. this year, it came yet i’m still being thrown off balance.

with love, too.

i know what you’re doing. i know what you want me to think. but i won’t give up. nope. this is my time. positivity. freedom of thought liberating my spirit and breathing deeply into my soul the air to push me forward. into life. into living all of those wondrous moments that will come from the tests laying before me.

it’s on, universe. challenge accepted.

that time taken

there is a certain sense of direction i’ve now gained from what is happening. a knowingness. a clarity. it’s all new. it’s all exciting.

this direction and knowingness and clarity is pushing me toward a future i never prepared for, never planned for. one i thought would just happen. and now the universe is taking its time to open its graces to me and let me be someone. make myself. create a life to live and forget about that time i spent biding.

i’m slowly finding my way out of limbo. slowly patching up the holes of any plan i tried to make. slowly finding my feet.

in this world of uncertainty, it’s not an arrow i’m looking for. not a map or a sign or anything to lead me to anywhere in particular. it’s just a backpack full of whatever i need to make my way to wherever i choose. wherever i end up. knowing i was meant to be there and all this time spent caught between was just destiny in disguise.

rock and roll

come on. let’s do this. let’s get things going. it’s time to throw hands in the air and give high-fives. it’s time to get moving, universe. give me something. put it out there. let me start. i’m ready. i can’t tell you anymore; in any other way, with any more gusto or enthusiasm or conviction. let’s go!