going, gone

i’ve spent my adult life leaving. i’m getting good at goodbyes. found a good way to wriggle myself around the sad and find the happy. hold it in, pray for the best and let go. forget. even if just for a minute.

and i’m leaving again.

i’m going to maui.

a place i’ve never been before. but, a place i can’t wait to visit. for three months. no doubt it will change my life.

so, as i leave again, i’m throwing my life into the air and watching it as it falls, gracefully, onto a new cloud. 

this isn’t a goodbye. this is a welcome. i welcome new experiences, new ideals, a new way of living. i’m sure i’ll be tested. but i am wanting.


dreaming of america

last night i dreamed of america. i am planning a trip there soon. all through the states and into canada to visit the friends i made at uni. three months max. it will be filled to bursting point with adventures, places, attractions, people, stories, photos, culture, food, memories.

maui, california, vegas, boston, nyc, new england, delaware, baltimore, new jersey, miami, orlando, toronto…more, more, more. i want more.