love, every time again

there were no rules when i met you. no waiting, we just filled the small amount of time we had together with as much of us as possible.

we filled our days exploring the world, our nights exploring each other. that time of knowing how right it was and marveling at what seemed like our incredible luck.

we were in a daze of loving
recognising ourselves in each other.
or remembering our togetherness
from all those lifetimes together

you were in my dreams before i knew your face your name your scent.

maybe it wasn’t luck at all, instead it was always you, waiting for me, life before us just pulling us back. it was always going to be this way.

loneliness is contagious, i learnt that fact today.

the leaves are finally finding autumn. changing and falling, the trees becoming something else. unlike me.

i swallow the struggle silently. i purge my thoughts, a million a second, to myself. inside, on my own, by choice, i suffer. mine and mine alone. but that’s the thing – it’s yours too. we’re not dissimilar, you and i. i’ll carry yours and you’ll carry mine.

let’s walk, side-by-side.