longer, still

once, we didn’t know each other. once, we hadn’t met. i was younger then, and maybe not quite me, i was just searching and waiting for life to sweep me off my feet.
then, it was you.
forever it is you.
so maybe this was written
entirely in the stars.
a constellation love story burning bright, somewhere far across the universe.
there was never a beginning, you know, just a place where we picked up. a moment in time to bring us back together.
we were only ever inches from each other,
for each other.
made for this.
to meet and meet and meet again.
in all the lifetimes we’ve ever had.
and we might spend eternity finding one another in that writing in the stars.
i’ve known you from ago.

blue skies

at 11:11 i spoke to the universe.

at 11:12 i smiled, with my heart, as the universe spoke back.

an interaction just long enough to remind me why i’ll never lose faith in what awaits. why i’ll forever believe in the power and energy that surrounds me. why i am so sure that this life i’m living is perfect and pure. why love has always been and will always be the answer.