sorry dadda.

i can hear it in his voice. in the words he doesn’t say. one day to the next, a change on yesterday.

he thought i’d change my mind after hearing he disapproved. but i did it anyway.

reckless, selfish, expressive me.

i hate that i’ve disappointed you, dad. i didn’t know something so small would matter so much.

i got a tattoo today. a symbol of the love i have for myself, a love that can never be replaced. i am what matters, above anything else, i can’t forget that. too many times it seems i have. but this love stands up above all others. a lifelong relationship that’s only really just beginning. i’m my own valentine. and it’s forever and always.

tattoo who?

questioner: would you ever get a tattoo?
matt brunoli: would you graffiti the mona lisa?