you were cool once

they just appeared. out of nowhere. one day there was nothing. the next day, there. making me a different person, at least it appeared that way. they didn’t give me warning. said it wasn’t their fault.

came, destroyed, left their mark.

freckles, you will be the death of me,

friday, after a morning of jet skiing, i noticed two things. my hair was noticeably lighter and there were freckles on my face where there have never been freckles before. only one of these bothered me.

i was beside myself. totally distraught. confused! i shouldn’t have this many freckles – it’s not like i’m a redhead! actually, i detect a little strawberry blonde, i was told. uh, no. i don’t think so. my natural hair colour isn’t light enough to be strawberry blonde (at least i don’t remember it being such).

the usual freckles on my nose were joined by more, more, more! up my cheek and toward my temple. i looked like a different person. younger, i’d say. pink cheeks and a face (nearly) full of freckles.

and now? they’re gone. they left. and i am waiting. waiting for my next day in the sun to see if they come back. banana boat, help me out here. i didn’t mind you freckles when you just sat on my nose. but when you try multiply on my face, i’m not so fond of you.


wake, skype: mum, sleepy. bikinis, shorts, singlet, towel. the front gate swings open. walk slowly, plenty of time, don’t need to sweat. arrive. 

sit. try to cool down. stupid order: chai, too hot for hot me. bagel, cream cheese, great conversation. mapping out life with a stranger/relative newcomer. 

walk. hot, in the sun. worried for burn. turn down a street, big hedges, beautiful houses, proud looking dogs. shade. sun, again, sand, kids, families. clear water, warm. relieving on hot skin. salty skin. salty sea. salty air.

lay. towels, quickly covered in sand, forgotten by great conversation. fashion, art, boys, beads, travel, home, study, life. hours pass. skin browned. sun cools down.

walk. still sweat, but breeze picks up. goodbyes, see you tomorrows’, great day. walk the rest of the way alone. passing strangers. tourists. locals needing my money. i’m sorry, i wish i could, i think as i walk by, looking at my feet. 

round the corner. home. rest. relief. 

great day.

catch up. create ideas. look at life in a different way. peaceful.

eat. bread rolls, mash potato, roast beef, beans and tomatoes. gravy. yum. satisfied.

retreat. write for you. for me. legs sting a little (oopsies) from the sun. only just pink. the warmth of my skin makes me feel a little cool. cardigan on. pink. makes me happy. makes me smile.

great day.

fresh princess of maui air

maui, maui, maui.

you have lots of bugs here. really big ones too. they come flying in and out of my room when i leave the door open for your fresh air. zoom right in, zoom right out. i’m sorry i stepped on one of your slugs the other day. if it makes you feel any better, i didn’t mean to and wish i hadn’t. it was pretty gross.

i’m also killing lots of your cockroaches and mosquitoes. i’m getting pretty good at it. with the help of raid (and clapping hands). i don’t think you like that much though, clogging up your fresh air, killing off your insects.

we went driving in your sun yesterday, maui. it was a beautiful day. you could have eased up on the wind a bit, though. it was blustery. i learned about the vog, volcanic fog, that covers your brothers and sisters – the islands you look at every day. i hope you can still breathe. maybe you should try leaving your door open for some fresh air.

you must get tired swimming in the ocean all day. but you’re doing such a good job holding us all up. i think we should treat you better. give back a little.

i saw your countryside yesterday too. wow was that interesting. dry shrubbery dotted with pointy, overgrown, frazzled cacti. cactuses. cactaceous plants. surviving as they do. no complaints. i could learn a thing or two from those plants. 

why am i inside?

colouring in

i’m sitting by the pool, sweating. a lot. i should just jump in but i have other things i need to do. see, i found out yesterday that my role here is to be the social networker for the family business: a tourism/accommodation company based in lahaina, maui.

works for me. 

i feel a little more settled now, knowing what i am doing. i haven’t got anything off the ground yet, but i am in the process of reading books and researching sites to get me better prepared. this should be fun.

my papaw has nearly turned to liquid. my attire has changed from track pants and hoodies to bikinis and banana boat. i’m trying to get some colour. yesterday on the beach, a man walked past me, smiled and said in a thick french accent, “be careful, or you’ll burn!” to which i replied with an embarrassed laugh, “er, it’s okay, i’m wearing sunblock.” he chuckled as he walked off. i really need some colour. so i’m working on it. slowly, but surely.

people here think i’m from england. i don’t really mind, though. they can think what they like. everyone is laid back, slow moving. the days don’t fly by, they kind of just coast along. i want to be productive here. learn something new, but i’m so happy to just relax, write, read. talk to people. it’s a life everyone needs to experience somehow. among locals.

so, as my sunnies slip down my nose and clouds bring a shady relief before the sun takes over again, i’m writing and not thinking about too much. something in me has been yearning for this lifestyle for a while. and for now, i’m content. he was right, maybe it is the me time i deserve.