what i’d give

but don’t ask me now. i don’t have the answers.

i don’t know why it seems that the stars shine brighter or the sun dances with twinkling grace on my skin.

i don’t know why it changes what i do and how i think.

i don’t know much about what you want to know, but i do know about me.

so go ahead.


i wriggle my toes into the sand. into the earth. into this island.

i stare at the ocean. the waves. their energy, continuity, fluidity. this magical place, bringing me home. talking me into living. speaking to my heart.

i hear all its wonderful sounds – the curl of the waves into wet sand, the silence that follows. the flittering leaves of the palm trees nearby, the wind against my ear as i turn my head so slightly.

i scratch at day-old mosquito bites.

i watch a surfer emerge safely onto shore, make the sign of the cross and look to the sky.

i take a photo for a couple, two beautiful men from england. they thank me for what appears to be the most generous offer they’ve ever received. no worries, i say, surprised at their graciousness.

i watch it all float by.


my dad. and my second home.

i’ve started saying goodbye – there are so many lasts.

talk about bittersweet.

what a beautiful time of my life.

the sun is shining

give me two minutes?

that’s all, i ask. two minutes to tell you everything i can!

it’s nothing like i could have imagined. it’s better, times a trillion.

there’s something to be said, for exploring with your best friend – in a city you’ve never known, but one that feels like home.

i can’t explain just what i think, but i hope you understand. it’s london and the sun is shining and it feels so much like home.

i don’t know what it was. but that perfect sunset pulled me in. left me breathless. called me.

it seems to grow more beautiful, every time.

the colours cleared my mind. my thoughts dissipated with a trickle. gone, gone, gone.

a sunset like this, forever.