one week, one day

is exactly how far away it is.

nearly to the hour.

i’ll be flying to europe. i’ll be falling in love. with everything. i’ll be overwhelmed by joy, like i’ve never known before, in every place i go.

spreading my wings.

taking a 


of faith. of adventure. of every moment in time spent listening, feeling, seeing, remembering, devouring, exploring, touching, loving.


i’ll fall head
for all the newness. places, people, landscapes, views, sunsets so familiar – i swear i’ve seen you before.

[in my dreams is where.] 

brush my heart with travel and i’m sure i’ll live forever.

hakuna matata

he kissed me in the middle of the street. on a still night, no wind, no noise. the smell of humidity, and rain on the road. the heat crawling up my legs.

he tasted like summer.

summer of lazy days that turn into night, so beautifully slow. dusk hanging on to day, so long. salty hair and sandy toes. breathless, completely taken [and happy to be] by the sun and the sea.

the heat makes my mind clear. i don’t think about tomorrow or what i have to do. it’s complete and euphoric silence in my mind. on days like these. summer and heat and sweaty legs on leather seats. windows trying their hardest.

the moment takes over my mind. not my thoughts. not the energy in my lungs or the feeling on my skin. it’s just an endless instant of nothingness. no future. no worries. just now. just this. just kisses in the middle of the street.

summer’s crawling into my life. pull me in whenever you like. i’m waiting for these moments, to blur my senses but sharpen my heart. to fall blindly into everything. i won’t let it be just about my mind. from now on, i’ll just do what feels right. no second thoughts. no weighing the options. i’ll just let it be and let live. que sera sera.

i don’t know what it was. but that perfect sunset pulled me in. left me breathless. called me.

it seems to grow more beautiful, every time.

the colours cleared my mind. my thoughts dissipated with a trickle. gone, gone, gone.

a sunset like this, forever.

those words

i’m lying in the sun.

lying in the sun and hearing the faint melody of jack johnson. a few doors down, i’d say.

summer is on it’s way.

i haven’t been honest with myself. not lately.

the fountain streams behind me.

it’s like an out of body experience. i don’t know who i am today. the sun warms my skin. i feel that. it’s a perfect moment of fleetingness, and i know that, just like this time i’ve had so far. waiting for summer. making plans. then, changing my mind.

i didn’t know it like i thought i did. and as days passed by, i could see that more and more. until this moment. the sky is just as clear.

it’s just me and my thoughts now, i’m not surprised it took this long.

summer loving. looking towards henley beach, south australia. getting hooked into a perfect summer. heat, sand, sea. freedom. the addiction starts now.

oh, just one summer in new york city…

i want to go back to new york in the summertime. sweating between the shadows of the buildings, smelling the nuts and hot dogs and taxis rushing by: the sweet city air. i want to picnic in central park, just sit and wait for time to go by. the slightest of breezes cooling me and sending a myriad of scents my way. the city coming to me. calling me to explore, calling me to follow.

and when i go back to new york in the summertime, it won’t be relief. it won’t be a feeling of anticipation meeting reality. it will be simple and wondrous and filled with nothing but freedom. my thoughts finally releasing me, liberating me, allowing me to see past everything i thought i knew about life and living and all those little things.