there is a spider web outside my window. it’s shiny in the sun, invisible in the shade. a tiny spider lives there. he’s caught a couple things in his web. probably flies, i would say. this tiny spider wove his web from a tree to a pot plant, a table to a tree, a tree to a chair. clever little spider, weaving such a big home.

in a way, we’re all weaving throughout our lives: career, home, partner, kids, family, friends, passions. they’re all part of our fragile web. in some places, it seems weak, as if the slightest breeze will break the thread. those are the parts that don’t matter so much. right in the centre is the strongest. where family and love and the truly important things rest. certain. unbending.

my web is still being woven. shaped by things around me, people, places, experiences. i don’t know what it will end up looking like. but i hope, like the spider, it’s strong in the middle. catching all the things i need the most.