a day is worth its weight in love

oh sure, you can fall in love in a day
really, you can –
it’s a whole, entire, day,
worth forever.
[you can be anyone,
feel everything,
become the biggest part of it or nothing at all
in a day.]

don’t tell me!
you don’t believe in love at first sight?
well, there’s a special kinda thing, you know,
when two people find their way back to one another
[without ever meeting in this life before]
an outstretched hand,
a hello my name is,
an instant realisation that this is why you live
why you search.
and in it you find a missing piece of yourself, buried and waiting to be discovered, right there, in that other being standing opposite you – one you know both nothing and everything about –
seeing that they see it too.
and finding they were living in you.
all this time.

all this time.

a million wasted hours
but all of it wasted
just for this.

no less

i wish there were words more powerful than ‘i love you’ to tell you how i feel.

he said.

but those are perfect and the most beautiful and encapsulate everything we want to say because we mean it from the bottom of our hearts with the entirety of our souls.

i said right back.