i just had a wonderful conversation with a little girl. she’s three. she told me so with her fingers and thumb. we sat in a coffee shop that smells of rosemary and stories, giggling at each other.

a beautiful, little girl in a blue and white checkered dress, her brown hair pulled tight on top of her head where a frangipani peered through. her smile enormous, her eyes bright.

we played games with no words. and we laughed and laughed and laughed.


oh feel this heart of mine.

and listen. i’m sure you can hear it beating from way across the universe. between all the stars and galaxies. between all the space, between



as steady as the rainfall

the susurrus of rain on the roof stirs me so gently from sleep, this morning.

and peaceful, i wake, smiling at the muted light surrounding the gap between the blind and the window frame, i adjust to the day. easily. and i pull the covers up to my neck, stretching my legs to the end of the bed, squeezing and relaxing into happiness, under the sheets. i wake, i rise, i smile.

sunday morning, the day is mine.