we, the wick

there’s a fire in me
in this 
in us
there’s a fire of red and golden flames.
they lick at my words
and mock my memory 
my memory that tries
so hard 
to burn as bright. 

it does.
don’t take that away.
it does.

maybe you did put all those stars in the sky.

peter pan

let’s sling a hammock in the clouds, tie it to the stars and stay a little while. the sky looks like fun tonight, strewn with impressionism, with flecks of white so dimensional, so still. like a painted reality we find ourselves so helplessly standing beneath.

let’s fall into each other, the way we know how. let’s forget all the rest and just find the depth in the here and the now. because the sky looks like fun and this feels like magic and it’d be so nice to camp up there, in the clouds with birds for our neighbours, ever moving with the wind with the weather, with the wild and wonderful motions of the world.

let’s let constellations map the way to neverland. i won’t grow up if you won’t grow up.

[this is me and morgan]

i played tourist yesterday and hiked up diamond head. perfect vistas. wonderful friends.

there’s something to be said about the people you meet along the way, what they bring to your life, what it all means.

a reason,
a season, or
a lifetime?

hold tight to the ones who make it easy. whose company you cherish. who make us smile, make us think, push us and support us and bring with them all the light of love. and know that it’s okay to let go of those who don’t. because, at the end of the day, life is too short to waste precious minutes on people who want to let go too.

i’ll miss these summer sunsets. this feeling. home. but that sky stretches so far beyond sight. it’s all there, so patiently waiting.

as blue as the sky is as free as i’ll be. when i stop trying and start living. finally. what am i waiting for?

go. do. see. be. feel.

pick me up, love.

i want you to see my everyday. the things i do when you’re not here. i want you to know the quirks and movements and breaths of my life. the way i drive to work. my favourite place to eat. my best friends. my home.

my sunsets and my stars. my clouds. my bright blue sky.

one day, we’ll sit side-by-side, and suddenly, all these beautiful things will be ours.

and we’ll be a we and you’ll be my everyday.