not the virgin voyage

she did it to me all over again, and more. in so many different ways, from so many different angles. it was amazing. better than i expected. i wasn’t sure how it would be after the first time. i was a little nervous. oh, maybe not nervous. just hesitant. i didn’t want to do it again when the bar was set so high in the first place. i was worried this time wouldn’t measure up. that i would be disappointed. we did it once – why do it again? but, she came through. we came through. i slept like a baby that night. she satisfied me more than i thought possible. i’m becoming addicted. i want oh, so much more. give it to me again and again.

the road to hana part 2. it left me wanting more.


road to hana, you were so much more than i thought you would be.

green, green, green. everywhere. but not typical. forests of bamboo, tall, dense, green. rocks on the side of the road growing moss, green. ferns growing up the side of steep cliff faces, green. trees and shrubs and grasses, all green.

the road was windy. but i didn’t get sick. there was too much to look at, too much to take in. waterfalls seemed like movies, the ocean reminded me of a 90s photograph. rough, angry, choppy seas, ravaging waves onto rocks and bursting in all directions. rocks everywhere: volcanic rock, pebbles, stones, pieces of maui. red sand beach, black sand beach. hiking, climbing, scratching, bruising, sweating, looking, thinking, taking it all in. 

it was probably too much. too much for my over thinking brain.

coconut glen, the vegan ice cream man, selling by the side of the road. coconut, chocolate and chipotle; coconut curry; coconut and liliko’i; soon to come again: avocado and pistachio; saving tips to buy an ice cream truck. go coconut glen.

i can’t say much more. it’s overwhelming, stunning, straight from a movie. i never fathomed places like these actually existed. i have seen stunning scenery before, but this was an absolute experience. the whole day my hub for discovery in every tiny moment.

and on the way home, i thought about the places we didn’t see, the forest and paths made from animals, locals, or not carved at all; the secret spots, the untouched areas. there is so much we don’t know. exploration is intriguing, but at what point can you be satisfied in saying i have discovered enough i am ready to stop looking? hana pushed this thought for me. at no point of the day was i ready to stop seeing things. anything. everything. and appreciating it all for what it is. 

it didn’t matter that i wasn’t too fond of the rocky beaches, or the waves in the ocean made it too dangerous for swimming. i never questioned the beauty within itself. different didn’t mean i didn’t like it.

i asked myself why i was doing this – the whole trip, i mean (hana the catalyst for the question posed). is it something i actually want to do for me, for the experience, to help me grow and learn and become a more open minded person? or was it to say that i have done it. i have conquered and discovered and explored that part of the world. my answer is most definitely both. i am learning and growing and i am ticking things off my bucket list. after all, you only get one shot.

green, ocean, waterfalls, beauty in everything. the road to hana definitely pulled on my life strings. i can’t wait to go back and discover something new. see it with learned eyes. appreciate it all over again. 

at some point in your life. get there.