those decisions we make.

you are fully aware it’s not the right thing to do, but you do it anyway…i did it anyway.

i’m sorry.

i miss you, you know. it seems so silly. (i imagine you scoff.)

but the truth isn’t always easy to speak, especially when you know the truth is simply admitting you were wrong. and that i was.

let’s just go back to the way things were. you and i. that special thing we were. occasional, unwavering friends who understood just that.

it’s the bullshit of it all.

you know that’s what you live for. the drama, the second guessing, the eventual regret that you tell yourself is actually just a lesson you’ll take with you and warn your children of, (but don’t deny, you know it’s regret in disguise).

we do it or we know the one who does it. it seeks you out, tracks you down and leaves a dirty mess of cringeworthy memories (that you literally try to shake from your body), and confusing thoughts of “what if…” that just drive you mad.

try harder. avoid. yeah, that works. or deal with it. simple.