hey now

life is causing this incredible swell, a ferocious movement in the universe. in every cell of my body. in everything around me. i don’t fight it, or even try. i don’t want to.

i don’t swim against the tide. i float and follow the wind to that paradise in my mind.

blissful thinking.

i did some yoga, ate pineapple and papaya for breakfast and drank my green tea. i did this for my last morning on kauai with the salty air blowing my hair and the sun prickling my skin.

i’ll return with new hopes, or different hopes, who knows. kauai, the garden island, is more than a destination. i found a part of myself here that i’d forgotten all about. on my own, i thrived. i pushed myself and found myself. i can’t wait to get back.

the napali coast: kauai, hawaii. the apparent eighth natural wonder of the world. indescribable. unbelievable. literally taking your breath away, taking you by surprise. it’s paradise and heaven and untouched mysteries.