she whispers

because life is one great adventure.
say yes, close your eyes and jump. walk through the fire and run by your heart across wide fields of daisy dreams. make friends with the butterflies that fill your chest with excitement, wonder and light.
you are the universe.
you are everything you need.
dream big. be brave. be free.
return always to the wilderness of your daring imagination. let it find you seeking. let it find you loving. discover new pieces of the puzzle of your being. find them in other people and places and moments. live only by love, for the goodness of your soul. show kindness. recognise the need to be grateful and honest. the joy is endless. the beauty is endless. open your eyes.
breathe stars and clouds and grass.
breathe oceans and raindrops and rivers.
breathe dirt
breathe earth
breathe deep.


i found the way. the way is love. that love is you… 

[my every-single-wonderful-thing. from then til when we’re stardust once again.]

…i found the way by loving you. 

you, me and autumn leaves.

i followed the moon. all the way home. more than half a moon, it glowed.
[your moon, my moon,
our moon.]
did you see it tonight?
oh and the sky is so clear! truly, all the stars are out.
i wished on them too. i stopped when i saw the first star at dusk, the sky was still blue.
star light star bright, it winked at me through the fluttering leaves of an autumn tree
stark branches on top
red orange green leaves
all my wishes are coming true.
all my wishes know you.


the grandeur of a mountain range, the vastness of a desert plain. the darkness of the ocean floor, the blurred and far, far away never-ending edge of space.
and through over under between all of that
to you
to you
to you.

all the good things

she is wrapped in rainbows, they cover her sides [it’s how i’d spot her lying on the beach]. they’re perfect.

she is wrapped in goodness, it devours her. it escapes on her breath, as a cradle for her words and intent.

she is everything wonderful. made of beauty and sunshine. made of love and heartfelt promises that run just deep enough.

she smiles and she laughs and she tells me not to worry.
i do
because i care
because she’s wonderful
and good
and made of all the heat and light of the sunshine,
all the glowing beauty of a rainbow that appears when you need it most.
when hope is waning but not yet lost, when the gloom is overwhelming [you’ll never drown].

she smiles.

sweet ones

i had a dream last night. you were there – we were there, together. it was so pleasant, so vivid, now waking is so hard, so maybe i’ll just snooze and dream of you, of us, a tiny while longer.