the complete and the whole, part five of five

and now this love fills me in a way i’m not familiar with. in a way that makes me wonder who i am with someone else when all i’ve known is this person i became from so many years spent wandering through my adventurous life, alone.
but, i’m not learning this alone.
he’s there.
really, he’s been there all along.
it just took some time for our bodies to meet and collide and explode into the physicality, the materialisation of all it is, of all they have been searching for.
and just like that
we made
our way

part four of five

it is the perfect fruition of all the days of my life spent seeking, travelling, adventuring. it’s the reason i choose the winding path, the one dotted with daffodils, teetering on a steep cliff with white rapids and waterfalls and an overgrowth of evergreen. i’ve never really known where i’m going, but i’ve always walked towards love. in all my feminine curiosity, i’ve followed the whispers of intuition and discovery that my heart has beaten into my blood and confidently pulsed through my veins. i will always choose love. in all its wildest forms, i will always choose love.

part three of five

so i stand here in all my naked feeling.
heart entirely open.
fighting always to keep those walls from forming once again.
giving myself to a man i am so, ridiculously in love with.
i stand here with a delicious pride declaring: this is all i’ve ever wanted, this is what i’ve dreamed of. this is the reason, the complete and only reason for every innocent why.

part two of five

our autumn love story lives in autumn once more. and all i know now is each day is passing by slower than i’ve ever known before, and for all i know it could have been autumn this whole time. because time has seemed to stop. it has no matter or meaning.
and although i lose myself in hours spent waiting and waiting,
just waiting,
and although this drives me to become all that rawness and bareness and feel all that drunken crazy love, i know something bigger. i find it in a place i don’t see day to day. i find it in a place of dreaming and resting, a place of knowing. of sureness. of love, just burning and burning bright. i find it in a place i held only for this. a place i waited this long to bare.
it’s just
and only
and all
for him.

part one of five

it feels raw. i feel stripped bare, clothed only in the drunkenness of a lovingness i’ve never felt, before. and i feel crazy. crazy and flooded with love, yet completely sobered by the reality that this is happening. that i found it. that i can say he loves me. he loves me! do you believe it?! can you imagine?! from the other side of the world, with so much time and space between all the momentariness we’ve ever held, it lingers. and it grows. and it flourishes and brings me home. and it all happened where i was never meant be for so long. i met a man the man. and before that my stars met his and made moves to move us step by step towards each other, and move us beyond words. he was there. meeting me… meeting me! he was there. 


it’s only a sentence! find the pace and rhythm of the beating of all that is my thhhhhhrobbing heart on a stark, blank page.
somewhere today,
i spilled it all,
and it flooded
and stained.
and made red
all that was white,
[it will never be quite so white

it’s no writing no talking a spilling of something on what’s now dried the palest pink, you’d never see in the dark. so i’ll see it when he sleeps and he’ll see it when he wakes and maybe we’ll never know the difference. it’s all trade and chase. my sun and my sunset for your moon and you. i’d give it all, no question. and today i felt you so far far far, too far, away.
time moves slow.
but it moves.
so sure. so fluid.
like the ocean and the tides and the waves that wash salt water over this paper thin skin i’ve wrapped my


i found my place and i buried my roots so so deep in his heart. 

my home. 

it’s all so clear, so right in love and loving. the most beautiful thing i’ve ever known. 

she whispers

because life is one great adventure.
say yes, close your eyes and jump. walk through the fire and run by your heart across wide fields of daisy dreams. make friends with the butterflies that fill your chest with excitement, wonder and light.
you are the universe.
you are everything you need.
dream big. be brave. be free.
return always to the wilderness of your daring imagination. let it find you seeking. let it find you loving. discover new pieces of the puzzle of your being. find them in other people and places and moments. live only by love, for the goodness of your soul. show kindness. recognise the need to be grateful and honest. the joy is endless. the beauty is endless. open your eyes.
breathe stars and clouds and grass.
breathe oceans and raindrops and rivers.
breathe dirt
breathe earth
breathe deep.


i found the way. the way is love. that love is you… 

[my every-single-wonderful-thing. from then til when we’re stardust once again.]

…i found the way by loving you.