when you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all your thoughts break their bonds: your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction, and you find yourself in a new, great and wonderful world. dormant forces, faculties and talents become alive, and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be.


wayward winds and lollipop skies.

it’s two birds on a power line, kissing with their beaks. it’s making milkshakes and memories. thinking about all the wonderful things we could be doing. thinking about the amazing opportunities lying before us.

it’s youth. it’s in the eyes of a staring child. it’s the moment you sit there speechless, a bubbling of emotion restricting your words. for where you thought they were, they aren’t.

it’s everydayness and surprising reciprocity of feelings growing inside you. both of you. it’s the moment you realise that this is all you’ve ever wanted.

what drives you? what makes your passionate heart run wild? why are you living? we’re caught up, entangled in the web of mediocrity. this world is spectacular, this world is abundant. this world, for better and worse, is waiting for us to explore it. it’s sinking and growing, cities and landmarks. it’s fading dusks and glowing moons. it’s wishing and receiving. it’s forgetting the difference between work and a weekend. it’s doing what you love.

don’t wait. read, devour, listen, explode, let the moments eat you up, intensify your thoughts and take your breath away. let it take you over. let yourself discover. 

it’s all just waiting.

my feet, my heart, are itching, again.

adelaide’s autumn air.

it’s stilling. the swarm is settling to a swill of emotion and feeling that began to pour out around me. sending shivers and effortless memories away from now and into the past. so gently they fell there, and fall there, and make their mark there. so gently they leave me and come back to me and feel me watching them. so gently they are and just are.

the orange and brown and red leaves fall off the trees and float through the autumn air. all with a purpose. how do they know? and the sun, it now sets to the right of where it used to fall to sleep behind the horizon. lower and cooler and darker it’s becoming. that one star stays there though. each night it appears and each morning it fades.

i think i keep my heart in the sky.

the moon and the clouds, sunsets and rainbows, rain, sunshine, the freshest air and the dewiest dawn. the stars. their constellations. the shapes that dance in stillness.

don’t tell me what you don’t mean with all your soul. what’s the use in that? what’s the point in a life with no meaning? so don’t tell me things you don’t mean with all your soul.

want it and mean it and wish it more than anything. i’ll listen if you say it like you should. 

bring me to life in your autumn once more.


i want to go fast. speed. and i want to get caught. push myself to the extreme. i’m forgetting there are consequences, i’m living reckless. all i can think about is being rogue and tiptoeing dangerously close to the edge. disregarding boundaries, forgetting rules. abandon. throwing caution to the wind, without romanticism. it’s dirty, filthy living at it’s worst, or it’s finest. betraying, unjustifiable behaviour. it’s life without care. a deafening mess.

heartache makes me crazy. i’ll bet you didn’t know.

here comes the sun.

writing doesn’t sit at the top of my priority list right now. it’s becoming something distant. a memory or a dream of something i always long to do…but just never have time.

what a stupid excuse.

life is getting away from me. there are a hundred things i want to do and want to make time to do. i need to get my head in the game. pick up my act. start living and forgetting about the things i should be doing. just do what i feel, live in the moment and forget about the consequences. throw caution to the wind. remember it’s now or never. one chance, one shot, one life.

what do i want?

it’s happening…

i started getting excited again, don’t ask me why or what about. but i think it has something to do with making plans. seeing things through. organising. looking forward to something. being injected with a feeling of meaning little by little, i’m achieving things. and, as each day comes with tomorrow i’m fully prepared to throw myself into the wind of living, to be swept up in the hurricane of being, and just do.

there are no more reasons to put my life on hold. no more reasons to stop making plans. when something happens, it will happen. but for now, i’ll be excited and everything around me will make me smile. everything around me will make sense. little by little, my world will fall into place on either side of the living taking me over. letting me see there’s so much more to this than i could ever give it credit for.

live by these.

kimo’s maui rules:

1. never judge a day by the weather

2. the best things in life aren’t things

3. tell the truth, there’s less to remember

4. speak softly and wear a loud shirt

5. goals are deceptive. the unaimed arrow never misses

6. he who dies with the most toys still dies

7. age is relative. when you’re over the hill you pick up speed

8. there are two ways to be rich: make more or desire less

9. beauty is internal. looks mean nothing

10. no rain, no rainbows