and it fell all over me like glittering sunlight dripping from the sky into the ocean where we lay
so blue
so clear.

and it raced through the millions of roadways and rivers and crevasses and mountains
within me
within you.

and it lay down next to me on a mattress made of memories made of yesterdays and who-knows-when’s
i’m too ready
to dream.

we were separated
by salt water
by space and air
by the centre console of his car.

but we remembered – we never were very good at keeping friends with any of that space between.

carpe diem

i made it. through the tears and stresses of that voice in my head, speaking utter nonsense [‘what the hell am i doing?’]

but, i was born for this.

hawaii has swallowed all my words.


oh feel this heart of mine.

and listen. i’m sure you can hear it beating from way across the universe. between all the stars and galaxies. between all the space, between



dying keeps me conscious of the way i waste my breath.

cosmo jarvis: love this.