here and now

and i believe my feet can take me anywhere i like, that when i follow them, just one step at a time, i find myself in all the places i always dreamed i’d be, but never planned or chose.

i believe the strength lies in the vistas of all that awaits me and all that peers quietly over my shoulder. in learning, growing, changing, accepting. in loving all the places and spaces i’m led to. in open air, under the shade of an albizia tree, with mud between my toes and sweat in salty rivers tracking down my skin. in the uphill and the downhill and that perfect moment when the breeze picks up or clouds scatter showers for just a little bit.

i believe in me,
in all the strength,
in all of me.

and my feet make the footprints that my heart asks them to make. and so i find i’m here.

and so
i find
i’m here.

how it lives

“a lot of people look, but they don’t really see,” he said through crooked, brown and yellow teeth that, top to bottom, fit just like a puzzle piece.

“watch the aina breathe.”

the island, the land, it lives and moves. we saw it, with our own eyes. as the waterfall bellowed and raced into the pool below. forever unique,
but only ever ending.

life is magical, and things are changing at a level, a depth, i can’t quite grasp.

but i feel it. i do. as this island breathes gently through my dreaminess.

blissful thinking.

i did some yoga, ate pineapple and papaya for breakfast and drank my green tea. i did this for my last morning on kauai with the salty air blowing my hair and the sun prickling my skin.

i’ll return with new hopes, or different hopes, who knows. kauai, the garden island, is more than a destination. i found a part of myself here that i’d forgotten all about. on my own, i thrived. i pushed myself and found myself. i can’t wait to get back.

the napali coast: kauai, hawaii. the apparent eighth natural wonder of the world. indescribable. unbelievable. literally taking your breath away, taking you by surprise. it’s paradise and heaven and untouched mysteries.