no more mondays

everyday is sunday for me now. everyday is doing what i love. i wonder why it took so long to figure out that this is how i should be living. this is me saying yes to my heart.

they say, ‘follow your dreams, this year will be the best, make the most of 2014, start doing what you love.’
and i say, ‘okay.’

i’ve never wanted anything more. so here i go, roaring into the wild.

so throw off the bowlines. sail away from the safe harbor. catch the trade winds in your sails. explore. dream. discover.

mark twain

56 sleeps

it’s all it’s going to take, before my life is turned upside down.

or right way round…

maybe that’s what i’ve been missing. 

i’ve quit my job. i’ve sold my things. they mean so little now. i’ve thrown myself into uncomfortableness.

and it feels so nice.