five countries

london, bordeaux, rome, pompeii, sorrento, capri, the amalfi coast. milan, portofino, santa margherita, cinque terre, nice and monaco. amsterdam, stuttgart, karlsruhe, paris.

the places of my dreams came to life, so real in the vivid colours of my imagination. for six weeks i explored countries so unknown yet so familiar.

adventures fill my memory bank. french words are etched all over my heart. places have pulled me apart into tiny pieces of indescribable happiness. elatedness.

and people, those strange and wonderful souls who have shared this journey with me, have put me back together, so puzzle perfect, with love and adventure and rightfulness.

travel has overwhelmed me.

that’s amore!

italian food, italian weather, italian shops and skies and oceans. italian boys! the air, the streets, the smells around every corner. nonna’s cooking. ‘andiamo, andiamo!’ history like i can’t believe. stories and legends with an incredible mix of new.

ciao bella. this is just the italian way darling. oh yes, oh yes… i will always say yes to italy.