“i know you’re tired but come, this is the way.” – rumi

and i feel like myself, a little more a little more. as each minute passes. as light fades to turn the sky to the darkest blue and black.
i’ve been waiting all day to escape to the coma of a dream-filled night 
as the sun and the warmth have done nothing but mock the numb and the burnt and the broken. 
i feel like myself a little more and more than that.
but that’s all.


and a song starts playing on the drier because the clothes are clean and dry and its happy tune mocks my gloomy mood


i miss you. like an unending story of heartbreak, pain and soul-wrenching, gut-churning, complete, wretched, unfortunate loss.

wipe tiny tears from the edges of my heart.

you sit so quietly, always, in the back of my imagination.

crunch time

it’s time i act a little selfish.

it’s the least i can do for the person i am.

a frame of mind.

i’m holding on and i’m not going to run away but i’m also not putting my life on hold. it’s too short. so hug the ones you love and be thankful. everyday. there’s no excuse to let life pass you by. no excuse to watch them walk away.

there’s no excuse to lose him. i’m not ready to let him go.

so i’ll be selfish and i’ll keep my guard up…more than just a little. i’ll work it out all the while hoping my heart can take the ache. hoping the glass won’t shatter or crack or slice me from the inside out. 

i’m so special. i’m so worthy. i’m so much more than enough.