suddenly he was inside the radius of her perfume and kissing her breathlessly.

– f. scott fitzgerald, first blood

all the good things

she is wrapped in rainbows, they cover her sides [it’s how i’d spot her lying on the beach]. they’re perfect.

she is wrapped in goodness, it devours her. it escapes on her breath, as a cradle for her words and intent.

she is everything wonderful. made of beauty and sunshine. made of love and heartfelt promises that run just deep enough.

she smiles and she laughs and she tells me not to worry.
i do
because i care
because she’s wonderful
and good
and made of all the heat and light of the sunshine,
all the glowing beauty of a rainbow that appears when you need it most.
when hope is waning but not yet lost, when the gloom is overwhelming [you’ll never drown].

she smiles.


i have made a wonderful friend with an incredibly special girl. she’s selfless, beautiful, considerate and kind. she’s adventurous and spirited and will teach me a million things about life.

she makes me want to be a better person. she makes me want to live a fuller life. she makes my adrenaline run wild across the highest clouds.

the mystery of the universe, pulling our souls together with that invisible thread, tied tight to our hearts, where it has always been.