happy birthday dadda


my dear dadda.

i will always save my last hug for you – i love you and i miss you. so much.

thank you for everything you’ve taught me – to throw a baseball, to shoot, to paint and sand and find a stud in a wall to hang a frame (ha ha). to stay curious. to tell the truth. to be observant. the value of a perfectly timed joke. how i should never judge anyone because i don’t know where they’ve come from. how important it is to love, everyday.

to the best man i know, happy birthday x

25 [part two]

two months have passed in paradise.

two months…

it feels like two hours and two years at the same time. i have done so much, created incredible connections with incredible people. i have fallen in love with everything and everyone and every experience. and i’ve done it all in record time.

i’ve changed.

i’m happy.

i’m learning, figuring out who i am, who i want to be, and what i want from this glorious adventure, this insane year.

momentous time
of my
momentous life.

my world has become a flower blossoming with opportunity – so apt for the springtime, so perfect for all the tomorrows and next years and forever and evers.

so i’m making promises, not plans. finding joy, excitement, passion. feeling, with every sense, this world i wake in and fall asleep in – every day and night.

happiness fills my veins and pumps my heart so open to love and light.

25 [part one]

it’s 4.16am and the roosters are crowing.

i can only guess they’re singing happy birthday to me.

happy birthday to me

it’s my birthday today, that makes me especially happy.

i love when people show me they love me, or think about me, or at least remember my birthday.

i hate it when they don’t.

it’s just who i am. sensitive and emotional and always hopeful. seeing the best in everyone, expecting my love right back.

i nearly got it all today. i’m happy with close enough. i love my friends, i love my family, more than i can say.