day one i found a reason, a hindsight miracle, a beautifully foolish chance that arrived so close to the end of a very big adventure.
day six i fell in love
by lagoons on mountains in sunshine and mist and our very first kiss.
day twenty
i left
tears in my throat
never forming never showing never letting you know.
everyday since then, i’ve followed my heart as you take it with you wherever you go.
day 133 and 225
brought me back to your side.
and i hate those days i left, as i sobbed my way with blurry eyes through airport corridors,
without you
[so they don’t get a number].
it’s day 367, and my life has changed and grown towards everything i could have ever dreamed to dream of.
in just two more days,
there you’ll be.
there you’ll be
and returned to me.