i’m the perfect resident of stuttgart

i do washing and walk down the street like i know where i’m going. i carry my just-in-case umbrella. i do grocery shopping with my canvas bag. i go grilling with german girls and boys. i listen to the words georgie says, they form a conversation just out of reach from my understanding – intonations, pace and rhythm as though it’s all the same.

i’m getting used to listening to languages. if i just find the peaks and troughs, if i hear the story from the start, if i stop trying to find the words, i find the theme and i laugh along. foolishly, perhaps.

but do i care?


this week, i’m a resident of stuttgart. this week is love and this week is friendship reunited. and i’m bottling it all, to savour these feelings, for the next long absence from my dear friend georgie.

pru. she was away for a while. doing something meaningful. filling little lives with hope. i missed her.

there’s something about pru and i. i’ll always have a huge amount of love for this kid.

and so i found it all over again.

maui has been so much. landing felt like returning home. i had missed this place and i could feel it in the runway when the plane glided to a stop. i was grounded, it was familiar, it is home away from home. or, home in itself.

perfect days of sunsets and full moons and driving on single-laned roads. of surf breaks and health food and diving into waves. salt water, sticky sand, ukuleles and shave ice stands. perfect days with long distance friends. that reggae on the radio again.

i would do anything to move back. live to just live. feel the world around me. 

this time spent travelling alone has been invaluable. i love myself and i love who i am. maui made it mean something again. reminded me of it all over. in every breath of island air.

so i’ll miss this place again. but i’ll see it in photographs and phone calls and friendships far away. it won’t be long before i’m home again.

my friend jessie

hi. i hope your day is filled with happiness. you know you deserve it. so much.

in all the years i’ve known you, not once have you been in someone’s way or stepped on someone’s toes. not once have you tried to be the only person who matters. you’re considerate and caring and honest. and that’s what makes you special.

it seems to me, jessie, you’re a constant. and although we don’t speak everyday, i feel we have this comfortable kind of friendship. one that will stay steady. i’m so happy when you’re happy. i love: hearing about your life and all those things you speak so passionately about; that we’re different and we’re the same; that you teach me things; your ability to laugh at yourself. wholeheartedly.

i wish you a wonderful life.

you’re so appreciated jessie.