we speak about philosophy, creativity, muses, love and life. the same path giving us the same feelings on topics usually so misunderstood. 

kindred spirits always find each other in the chaos, somehow. we are driven together, like two great magnets. the intensity of those universal forces making better plans for us than we could have ever made ourselves.

‘we’re connected and we’re disconnected,’ he said, as we walked between the trees, in the breeze, so drunk on island air.

oh this world is too small and too big all at the same time.


dry off my heart. it’s beating heavy now.

you’ll find me in your footsteps, in your swallows, in the shallows of your eyes. i’m everywhere you are. 

stop looking,
and feel.

this isn’t a dream, not anymore. it’s my new real life. 

i pinch myself and laugh.

have you ever cried upside down?

today was two kinds of day.

it was beautiful and it was agonising. it was inspiring. it was nostalgia, wrapped in a sweater of friendship and love. it was a tremendous amount of anxiety, of preparation… preparing for heartache. my body steadying for the blow.


it will be tough.

my eyelids were wet with tears. a coldness, made from salt and all my fears. time is gaining on me. in thirteen sleeps i’ll be up, up and away.

change makes me sad. change makes me happy. change makes me.