all the good things

she is wrapped in rainbows, they cover her sides [it’s how i’d spot her lying on the beach]. they’re perfect.

she is wrapped in goodness, it devours her. it escapes on her breath, as a cradle for her words and intent.

she is everything wonderful. made of beauty and sunshine. made of love and heartfelt promises that run just deep enough.

she smiles and she laughs and she tells me not to worry.
i do
because i care
because she’s wonderful
and good
and made of all the heat and light of the sunshine,
all the glowing beauty of a rainbow that appears when you need it most.
when hope is waning but not yet lost, when the gloom is overwhelming [you’ll never drown].

she smiles.

dear molly

i want to write down all the things i just need to tell you, until my eyes close and i’m left only dreaming of them all. and in these beautiful dreams, i’ll be back there and we’ll be watching sunsets and running down the bike path and eating ice cream with forks and drinking the cheapest red wine talking shit and sex and life sitting on the picnic table in the yard under fairy lights and stars. and you’ll be making me laugh like i don’t ever laugh and life will be wonderful and fun and full.

oh how i miss you. i feel it in my everyday.

[this is me and morgan]

i played tourist yesterday and hiked up diamond head. perfect vistas. wonderful friends.

there’s something to be said about the people you meet along the way, what they bring to your life, what it all means.

a reason,
a season, or
a lifetime?

hold tight to the ones who make it easy. whose company you cherish. who make us smile, make us think, push us and support us and bring with them all the light of love. and know that it’s okay to let go of those who don’t. because, at the end of the day, life is too short to waste precious minutes on people who want to let go too.

i miss you

i miss you, my friend. i feel like i need you, more than you need me. 

and i wish you were here, pouring some wonderful, joyful, creative energy into my spirit. like you always could.

i miss you, my friend. i miss those days we’d sit and you would spill your heart and mind to me. i miss the inspiration i’d find in the simple way you moved and motioned.

with all the truth i’ve ever spoken, my treasure, my friend,

i really do wish you were here.


i have made a wonderful friend with an incredibly special girl. she’s selfless, beautiful, considerate and kind. she’s adventurous and spirited and will teach me a million things about life.

she makes me want to be a better person. she makes me want to live a fuller life. she makes my adrenaline run wild across the highest clouds.

the mystery of the universe, pulling our souls together with that invisible thread, tied tight to our hearts, where it has always been.

today, i played in the snow for the first time in my life.

it was magical.

what made it even more wonderful was being surprised at the summit by a good friend who decided to meet us there – of all the places. there’s something to be said about a friendship like this.

needless to say, this photo describes exactly how i felt today. and the best part about it? i’m still in hawaii.