you were cool once

they just appeared. out of nowhere. one day there was nothing. the next day, there. making me a different person, at least it appeared that way. they didn’t give me warning. said it wasn’t their fault.

came, destroyed, left their mark.

freckles, you will be the death of me,

friday, after a morning of jet skiing, i noticed two things. my hair was noticeably lighter and there were freckles on my face where there have never been freckles before. only one of these bothered me.

i was beside myself. totally distraught. confused! i shouldn’t have this many freckles – it’s not like i’m a redhead! actually, i detect a little strawberry blonde, i was told. uh, no. i don’t think so. my natural hair colour isn’t light enough to be strawberry blonde (at least i don’t remember it being such).

the usual freckles on my nose were joined by more, more, more! up my cheek and toward my temple. i looked like a different person. younger, i’d say. pink cheeks and a face (nearly) full of freckles.

and now? they’re gone. they left. and i am waiting. waiting for my next day in the sun to see if they come back. banana boat, help me out here. i didn’t mind you freckles when you just sat on my nose. but when you try multiply on my face, i’m not so fond of you.