five countries

london, bordeaux, rome, pompeii, sorrento, capri, the amalfi coast. milan, portofino, santa margherita, cinque terre, nice and monaco. amsterdam, stuttgart, karlsruhe, paris.

the places of my dreams came to life, so real in the vivid colours of my imagination. for six weeks i explored countries so unknown yet so familiar.

adventures fill my memory bank. french words are etched all over my heart. places have pulled me apart into tiny pieces of indescribable happiness. elatedness.

and people, those strange and wonderful souls who have shared this journey with me, have put me back together, so puzzle perfect, with love and adventure and rightfulness.

travel has overwhelmed me.

oui! c’est paris!

i saw the eiffel tower last night for the first time in real life.

i cried, yes, tears! i chatted away to myself, mostly with gasps and oh-my-gods, while a smile stretched as far as it could across my face.

[my cheeks hurt from the excitement of it all.]

my delicious dreams are coming true, every minute i’m in paris.


it is the nuances of the french, that has really made me fall in love.

kisses on both cheeks, either side. full love. women, women, men, men, men, women.


the way they tear their bread, it’s poetry between their fingers and thumbs, momentum and reason building to the taste. a passionate portrayal of life lived for pleasure and love and

how they watched with intent as I tasted the cheese they fed me on the bread they tore with love: “now drink the wine! mix it together!”


i loved it. i did, i did. i went to heaven for a second, each time, with rushes on my skin of pure exaltation!

i found it in the way his head turned when he heard the scratching wheels of a skateboard in the distance.

the way she taught me to roll my r, in the back of my throat, as we walked through the streets late at night.

“arrrrrête! la rrrrue!”

“yes! that’s it!”

it’s the singing sounds of “bonjour!” and “merci beaucoup!” the challenge of the language, and their patience with me.

but, really, it’s all the people that i met, now a superbly important part of my story.

i am
unimaginably in love with france.

and i’ll tell you this a million times more! oh what a love affair we’ll have!

eating cheese and drinking wine after hours in the cellar of a restaurant in nice. with french boys. life, it’s pretty awesome.


everyone must think i’m fucking strange, smiling so much to myself.

i’m too happy to hide it – i can’t care less. i’ll smile til the cows come home!

my word, my heart

oh my, there’s something about france.

uh oh, i think i have fallen in love.


it’s like the country has taken me entirely into its belly, its soul, its nuances, people, loveliness. i’m more myself. i can see it and feel it, breathe it, smell it: france, french. and fleeting as it may be, right now it’s all there is.

uh oh, uh oh, i’m madly in love with france.