i dare you

nature, movement, reflection. 

only ever following the way my heart leads.

i see it so clearly, a new set of markers, milestones and stepping stones. i see it so purposefully, the reason, and achievements, and a heart so full of love. i feel it in all its power, taking me over and swallowing me whole. a life of beauty, along this path, this way, this choice, this resolution, to only ever follow the way my heart leads. 

one short sleep and a plane ride

i’ve always followed my heart. this time more than ever. and i’m on my way home. so here i go. running into the wild once more, love guiding me and filling me and sustaining me. love holding me up. love right there. a love like ours. my love. your love. this love this life, ours ours ours. 


so i change and break, and move and stay and fall and fly and hurt and stumble, and i get right back up. those moments of shifting and deciding what’s right or worthy or wrong or hopeful will bring resolve to my life my path my future.

i’ll find the answers in the roots, in the arteries of the empathy and the reason for it all.

why do the pieces fall in the places they do?

why do they fall at all?

i make patterns from the chaos and pictures in the litter. this life is beaming with possibilities so open, endless. infinite. i choose what i choose and i follow the lead of my heart. her beat lays braille, she’s the compass i read, wide-eyed and willingly. and the touch pulls me gently, the faintest flutter, the air in a butterfly’s wings.

she’ll pave a way through the wilderness of this wonderful, beautiful, magical world.

25 [part two]

two months have passed in paradise.

two months…

it feels like two hours and two years at the same time. i have done so much, created incredible connections with incredible people. i have fallen in love with everything and everyone and every experience. and i’ve done it all in record time.

i’ve changed.

i’m happy.

i’m learning, figuring out who i am, who i want to be, and what i want from this glorious adventure, this insane year.

momentous time
of my
momentous life.

my world has become a flower blossoming with opportunity – so apt for the springtime, so perfect for all the tomorrows and next years and forever and evers.

so i’m making promises, not plans. finding joy, excitement, passion. feeling, with every sense, this world i wake in and fall asleep in – every day and night.

happiness fills my veins and pumps my heart so open to love and light.