i spy

i spy, with my little eye. something beginning with l.

it’s a little bit scary and a little bit exciting. it’s hard, but it’s worth it. it’s up and it’s down and it’s everything in between. it’s love, only love. it’s precious and fragile. and anything you want it to be. it’s more than what you see, what you hold. it’s all of what you feel.

it’s life.

wonderful, beautiful, terrifying.


i spy, with my little eye, something beginning now.

56 sleeps

it’s all it’s going to take, before my life is turned upside down.

or right way round…

maybe that’s what i’ve been missing. 

i’ve quit my job. i’ve sold my things. they mean so little now. i’ve thrown myself into uncomfortableness.

and it feels so nice. 


i dreamt about it for the first time, last night.

i know it will happen more often. the closer, closer, closer it gets.

paranoia, fear, anxiety. muddled in a delicious cocktail of hope, excitement and relief.

finally, i’m hunting.