singing and dancing in the rain at a gay festival in stuttgart, germany. with one of my all time favourite people.

eating cheese and drinking wine after hours in the cellar of a restaurant in nice. with french boys. life, it’s pretty awesome.


my heart races to the sound of voices in the background, mumbling into one, a word standing out here and there.

but my heart races. that’s the point.

it’s in the air, it’s on my skin – it’s tears stinging at the backs of my eyes. excitement, extreme excitement…

i’ve missed you, terribly.

sunrises, sunsets, europe.

one week, one day

is exactly how far away it is.

nearly to the hour.

i’ll be flying to europe. i’ll be falling in love. with everything. i’ll be overwhelmed by joy, like i’ve never known before, in every place i go.

spreading my wings.

taking a 


of faith. of adventure. of every moment in time spent listening, feeling, seeing, remembering, devouring, exploring, touching, loving.


i’ll fall head
for all the newness. places, people, landscapes, views, sunsets so familiar – i swear i’ve seen you before.

[in my dreams is where.] 

brush my heart with travel and i’m sure i’ll live forever.

it’s time i made plans.

i’m thinking about europe. a lot. and i’m writing about it because it seems to happen that when i write about my dreams to travel and of all the places i’m desperately yearning to visit, it somehow comes to life.

so bring me my european adventure and let my dreams come true.