for all you understand about life, and living, you need to understand death.

my dad said it to me, as i sat with a lump the size of a hailstone the size of a golfball clogging my throat, a torrent of tears surging down my face as i watched my dog so still and sad. no more but his eyes, his wagging tail and steady, shallow breath. there’s no sustenance. there’s no life. and sometimes breath is just not enough. we delay, we wait, and in the end, what exactly are we trying to save?

we move forward and beat on. none of this is permanent. it’s all so fleeting, this life, you and i. all of us, just fighting against time. just waiting. we fill the in between with memories and people and pets, religion, experiences, photos, emotion, love. so it can mean something. so we have a reason. so we can feel something. so we believe in it.

so we do.

dying keeps me conscious of the way i waste my breath.

cosmo jarvis: love this.