wish upon a star

i’m in the usa. again. travelling, again. being a tourist, more so, this time. but i like it.

in los angeles. eat breakfast with kanye west the next table over. stay at the most amazing, historical, if-walls-could-talk hotel. and i love it. we leave tomorrow for cabo, mexico. an amazing trip to places i have never been. nyc on monday. vegas on saturday. then home, again.

awaiting? a new year. hopeful for new ventures: people, friendships, goals, love.

2010 has been huge. bigger than huge. outrageous. my biggest year yet. i think we all have one. a defining year. i don’t recognise myself 12 months ago. the girl i was then, i’m not now. simple as that. i made plans, did the complete opposite and came out the other end more aware, more mature, more excited and prepared. for everything. i have never been more ready for what i was never ready for before. confusing? simple. i’m more than ready.

all those exciting things are waiting for me.