matthew and nicole. it was such an emotional day – my brother marrying the woman of his dreams. as i walked down the isle before her, tears spilled down my face – my heart squeezing when i saw him standing there, waiting for her. his eyes were red and his was face warm and lit, and his love was so clear. everything just seemed to completely overflow.

i believe, so much, in love.

the bloodline.

my brother is going to be a dad. my eldest brother, becoming a pillar of meaning and moral and teaching for a child. his hopes and dreams coming to life. being fulfilled. being recognised by the universe and flooding his heart. a heart so full of love for a baby not yet born.

a new generation.

…and so history can continue. 

building blocks

lots of people know my brother, matt, as a bodybuilder. a month or so ago, he won the world natural bodybuilding federation (wnbf) title for overall champion in south australia.

this was just the start of the bodybuilding season for matt. this weekend, he flies to sydney to compete in the australasian championship. then, if he wins, it’s off to new york. 

he’s very symmetrical. his abs look like a couple rows from a block of chocolate. he doesn’t have a six pack though. there are ten there. i know it sounds like i’m boasting, and i am. but i’m proud. he’s really something to boast about. 

good luck matty. i wish i was there to see you kick butt.