logan joseph

he was born two days ago. a perfect miracle – two lives, one. a photo stilled my heart, i let out a sigh of love and disbelief at the beauty of his face, his two tiny hands resting gently on the blanket. big, bright eyes. a world of possibility.

so innocent, so unknowing. a tiny life that has changed so many others, with grace, already. and that’s the thing about a baby, about LJ. he made his mark from the second he arrived, the first time he looked into his mother’s eyes, the first time his father held him.

his life is a blessing, he is the extraordinary result of love. two hearts combined, two souls creating a destiny. it’s fate, in its purest form.

i am so proud of you lex – a brave and beautiful woman – and luis – a strong and willing father – you are both the reason for this miracle.

love found a way. love into life into little logan joseph.

baby love.

i honestly think that all this time waiting for love was just a longing to fill a space in my heart. i have so much raw love to give but never have i been able to fully let it go and pour it into another. my little niece has become the meaning for everything i’ve wanted – unconditional love. she’s giving me so much, this three day old baby, giving me everything i’ve been looking for. already. this new life, new beginning, new baby, letting me love.


the baby arrives in eight weeks time. a beautiful little girl.

i saw her, you know, on a screen through an ultrasound with a special scan that showed her little nose and lips and eyes, closed, so peaceful.

and my sister-in-law, well that baby girl is in her belly. a human life. a miracle. growing and becoming something to hold. someone. so fragile, innocent, full of all the glimmer and possibilities of a future. because that’s all there is with a baby. that’s all it has. no past. nothing to look back on. nothing to keep her from being anything she wants to be.

she’ll grow and she’ll crawl and she’ll talk and she’ll walk. and she’ll be my niece forever. that special little girl so close to being born.

and in that first moment i hold her…


i can’t imagine the emotion i’ll be consumed by in that one moment.

i’m so excited to meet her.

the bloodline.

my brother is going to be a dad. my eldest brother, becoming a pillar of meaning and moral and teaching for a child. his hopes and dreams coming to life. being fulfilled. being recognised by the universe and flooding his heart. a heart so full of love for a baby not yet born.

a new generation.

…and so history can continue. 


i read an interesting article on equality today. the main theme being the idea that the sex of a child can be chosen before conception. an idea that had feminists spewing because the study favoured the success rate, and preference, of producing boys over girls. that was in the 70s.

today, we may think equality means actually becoming equal with our male counterparts. however, it seems women are fighting feminism to an even greater extent. feminism should be replaced, perhaps more fairly, with “equalism”, where people value the rights of people and gender is wholly removed from all consideration. 

in an interview with playboy, john mayer commented on these changing times. he said:

I hear about man-whores more than I hear about whores. When women are whorish, they’re owning their sexuality. When men are whorish, they’re disgusting beasts. I think [women are] paying [men] back for a double standard that’s lasted for a hundred years.” 

what a juxtaposition. commenting on this issue in a magazine such as playboy. but, he’s right. feminism seems to have flipped. it’s now all about power to the women, yet we’re forgetting our own standards. where does this feminist movement stop? feminism is about women achieving greater rights throughout all facets of society and should not be about women holding power over men. it should be about equality and the ability to do as you please and still be accepted by society, without judgment or ridicule from men, or women for that matter. now the envelope is being pushed. but it’s being pushed too far. start welcoming equality.


  [ih-kwol-i-tee]  Show IPA–noun, plural -ties.1.the state or quality of being equal; correspondence inquantity, degree, value, rank, or ability.

1350–1400;  ME < L aequālitāt-  (s. of aequālitās ). See equal-ity

1.  equivalency, parity, correspondence, sameness; justice,fairness, impartiality. 

there isn’t much else to be said on the meaning of the word. women are gaining more power and respect, but don’t let it be about becoming the most powerful. it should be about respecting each other and demanding respect from those around you. and this can only be gained by respecting yourself. feminism has always been two steps forward, one step back. it’s time that stopped. maintain your morals and adjust your attitude.

don’t be the one to let the sisterhood down.