making memories

it’s pretty much over. well, for now. i’m not searching anymore, not looking for something huge to take me over, not feeling emptied by the exhausting moments of regular days and routine and wake, do, sleep, repeat. 

i’m back in australia. i’m back and i’m glad. i feel fulfilled. overflowing, perhaps. i did everything i wanted, i did it well and now it’s done, it’s pretty much over, for now. no regrets. no second guesses. nothing i could have, should have, would have done better, given my time over. the usa has been my teacher in a life otherwise lacking any worldy experience, literally and in wisdom.

i thank you, america.

i grew. i exploded. i stood on the world, in each little space i took up, and felt the cold, hot, snow, sun, sand, concrete, sounds, tastes, soak into my skin. into me. saturating me with things i thought would be dreams, for a while yet at least. and all the while, my body buzzed with emotions new and old, all of which took me by surprise. humbled, i discovered. 

dreaming of america

last night i dreamed of america. i am planning a trip there soon. all through the states and into canada to visit the friends i made at uni. three months max. it will be filled to bursting point with adventures, places, attractions, people, stories, photos, culture, food, memories.

maui, california, vegas, boston, nyc, new england, delaware, baltimore, new jersey, miami, orlando, toronto…more, more, more. i want more.