IMG_1263I am a dreamer night and day, a lover, a traveller in mind and body. A creative, spiritual, adventurous soul. Words are my drug. I like to wander against the grain. I take a million photos because I’m scared to forget. I desperately want to have a favourite poet. I lose myself in bookstores and art galleries. I like to rap and I like karaoke. I want to be a mother. I believe in soul mates. I don’t know what happens when we die. I have faith in science, but I feel this world very deeply.

I love my birthday and Christmas day. I’m proud of: my family and its history; the fact I’m Australian; the life I’m living; the choices I make. Train rides are my new favorite thing. I don’t see the sunrise nearly as much as I’d like to. I want to write stories made from feelings and pieces of the past.

Love is why I breathe.

I long to feel connected to everything and everyone around me. I look for signs and believe in fate and sometimes I feel the world is whispering just to me. I want to learn and challenge myself and be scared and speak French fluently. I want to have abs. I want to eat chocolate. I want to miss my family less, but I’m somehow grateful for the deep and painful feeling of loneliness and homesickness. I could eat sushi everyday for the rest of my life. Pink is my favorite color. I get the hiccups if I laugh too hard.

I wish upon stars, at 11:11, and when blowing out birthday candles. I pick my feet up over railway lines, knock on wood and avoid the number 13.

I want to be your friend.

I’m 27 and I’m scared to grow old. I’m scared of bears. I’m scared of regret.

I change, all the time. I’m happy. I’m in love with my life.

Current location: Seattle, Washington: still following my heart in pursuit of a very big love.

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