nine sleeps

i’m running. towards a place i’ve always dreamed to be. by the side of my love, a man who is and knows and wants and loves all of me. so i’m running at full speed.

i’m tiring. i’m missing life as i fly on by, faster than i’d like. faster than i have in years gone. i’m running and fighting my way back to him, but i don’t notice the momentariness along the way. it’s all too big picture. and i’m exhausted from running this marathon life as a sprint to my dream finish line.

let me stop. let me walk. let me slow and stay a while.
i bet the roses smell sweet and the sun feels warm on my skin.
i bet the night smells of dewy, wintry bloom.
i bet it’s all so much better than i realise.

i remember your kisses tasting of grass-stained mornings and hot chocolate afternoons. i bet you don’t know just how much i miss you.

but now it’s finally june,
and that means
i’ll be seeing you.
so soon.

i want to slow with you. to walk with you.
hold my hand, let’s slow.


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