my strength, this world

i am a goddess. a warrior. a lion full of heart and courage. i’m stronger than i know and i know more than i think and my beliefs are only learned… living rests at my feet.

i am a child of the universe and i follow the trails of the shooting stars i wish upon, marching to the beat of my love, of its desires, of its drive and inspiration, of everything it calls to.

i’m a bird, i’m free, i’m full of dreams of the sky and untethered, unwavering, in its endlessness i fly,
with delightfulness and joy, i fly,
with the whispers of knowing and feeling filling my wings,
my feathers made entirely of guidance and of faith.

i’m an echo of questioning and wondering and curiosity. i am all the pieces of life’s perfect puzzle. i open my eyes and my heart and my mind to its lessons, hidden in the gloriousness of everyday.

i listen, i understand. i am inspired.
i fall in and i connect.

i’m full of the will to stand strong on this earth and trust in this earth, hear the secrets of this earth, give back to this earth.

i’m in love with this life, with the strength there waiting, in my body, heart and mind. i sing love to my happiness i sing praise and i honour this blessing. of opportunity, and acceptance and hopefulness.

i get it.

i am not a fraction of meaning, i am the reason and the world. everything fits within the expansive confines of my heart, within the endlessness of my love.

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