living breathing me

today it felt so good, to be whipped by salty air.
my favourite air to breathe.
i inhaled deep.
it threw my hair in tangles. my eyes wept in stinging and cleansing as my body warmed from walking and talking and clearing my mind of all the fear and worry.
i battled today.
sometimes it feels constant and unforgiving, a little piece of everyday.
sometimes it creeps into my dreaming.
but each time, i learn more. and when i need it most, words of wisdom stoke my will to fight.
it’s not
all always
but today i turned the darkness into light as she walked by me and told me stories. as she smiled and we laughed and i knew it was
all alright.
i was lashed by the cool wailing wind
of autumn by the sea.
it stirred me up
and then it set me free.

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