nothing less than everything

i want to hear a sand dune sing. i want to skid and roll down its endless hills, headfirst into this wonderful real life dream i walk my wonderful capable body within. i dive and sink when i swim in the greatest biggest seas, but it’s there i touch the earth
where it gets deep.
where i feel closer to its heart, its home. where i hear coral, currents and fish sing in bubbling marine melodies.
they remind me and i grow.
and i want to see stars explode, and scatter me with the true unknown. i want to fly through clouds, dense and white and cotton ball like.
i want to press my ear against a tree and hear life beating through its branches and leaves and wrap my arms around its width and know that it
and i will breathe until my lungs become the roots that spread the life and love into my blood. its life extends to me extends to everything that holds me up.
i want to hear chiming smiles as the sun declares its sleeping thoughts and carries us with a moonlit lullaby into restfulness and calm.
i want my day to know the poetry of all this world can teach. in faithfulness and surprise, i’ll trust, i’ll find why,
and how it unravels and unwraps and leaves me bleeding seawater breath stained with sand dunes, clouds, stars and leaves, the sun and the moon and everything between.


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