it’s only a sentence! find the pace and rhythm of the beating of all that is my thhhhhhrobbing heart on a stark, blank page.
somewhere today,
i spilled it all,
and it flooded
and stained.
and made red
all that was white,
[it will never be quite so white

it’s no writing no talking a spilling of something on what’s now dried the palest pink, you’d never see in the dark. so i’ll see it when he sleeps and he’ll see it when he wakes and maybe we’ll never know the difference. it’s all trade and chase. my sun and my sunset for your moon and you. i’d give it all, no question. and today i felt you so far far far, too far, away.
time moves slow.
but it moves.
so sure. so fluid.
like the ocean and the tides and the waves that wash salt water over this paper thin skin i’ve wrapped my


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